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Basement Waterproofing
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Need basement waterproofing!  Live in a low lying area? Need boots to walk in your basement? You've definitely come to the right place to fix your wet basement!  If you want a better basement that can be an extra room to do your hobbies, entertain people, or just an office.  Think your basement might be leaking water, but don't know what to look for.  Click here for more information.

A waterproof basement - with a peace of mind and real time warranty. Bayside Construction has been repairing foundations and drying out basements from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. With our “Dry Basement Promise” and our reputation for excellence, your wet and leaky basement is no longer. We also have a ten year guarantee on labor.
It's every homeowner's nightmare.
As homes settle into the ground, concrete foundations crack and heavy rains seep into window wells and around your home. Leaks happen. Sometimes they're gigantic - water covers your basement floor and ruins everything in its path. However, sometimes you don't see the water at all and these hidden leaks can be just as dangerous as the big ones because of mold, mildew and structural risk.

Make sure all your leaks are fixed.

Bayside Construction does almost everything associated with houses, but does it in a personal way. This includes waterproofing basements, crawl spaces and structural repairs. A dry basement protects your home and property investment. It prevents fungi that can cause or aggravate respiratory ailments, and it keeps your home safe from water-related electrical hazards. We stop the big leaks that leave you mopping and the small leaks that grow into big problems behind the walls.

The Bayside Construction System is the outside waterproofing system that takes care of surface water and moisture that enters from foundation walls.
There are four steps to installing this drainage system:
1. A trench is dug against the outside wall where the foundation meets the dirt so that Joe can check for any problems.
2. Cracks that are found will be sealed to prevent water from entering the foundation.
3. The wall is then covered with tar to seal up any condensation that might occur.
4. A specialized drainage system is then installed on the outside of the wall to move surface water away from the foundation.
  • Finding a responsible and trustworthy contractor is challenging, but you'll find that Bayside Construction personnel adhere to simple guidelines of respect, integrity, and responsibility.
  • Performing the work that we are contracted to do, showing up on time for appointments and standing behind our company warranty helps homeowners trust that we will be there when you need us.
  • Homeowners should expect this, and we, as contractors need to earn your business.
  • We work hard every day to change the way people feel about contractors - give us a call to discover why more people use and refer certified, licensed Bayside Construction contractors to solve their leaky basement and crawl space moisture problems!
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